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We are committed to the best quality tools, products & experience for you. This is the way that we can give you the most luxurious manicures & pedicures, we promise you will be amazed.

Here you will find some of our most requested services, or

you can visit our VIP Room services tab to book other services.

Classic Manicure Nude Color

CLASSIC Manicure

Rejuvenate your hands with our regular manicure, hand soak, nail filing, shaping, and cuticle care. Finished off with your choice of one color polish. ( Dos not include Gel removal.)

Dazzle Dry manicure & pedicure

DAZZLE DRY Mani & Pedi

Non toxic organic nail polish!

Revolutionary lacquer system that dries worry-free in 5 minutes, lasts 7+ days, is environmentally sound, and promotes healthy nails. Elevate your nail game.

Russian Manicure

RUSSIAN Manicure

So what makes this manicure different from all the rest? Extreme attention to detail, and intricate shaping during the service. Unlike other manicures, the Russian manicure focuses closely on the cuticles before tending to the rest of the nails.

Bridal manicure


Includes two Gel/Shellac manicures. Book your first manicure two weeks before the wedding to pick the perfect  nail color.Book the second a day or two prior to the big day. The final manicure is particularly indulgent as it includes an extra hand massage and scrub.  Removal is included.

No UV Light manicure and pedicure

NO UV LIGHT Mani & Pedi

Easy polish application, and lasting color with quick, wipe-off removal. Makes long wear a breeze. No base coat. NO UV lamp. NO acetone soaking, no hassle! Wears longer than traditional polish, giving you incredible durability and ultra glossy, gel-like shine.

Sauna Steam Pedicure


This Pedicure combines the luxury of a pedicure with a wellness treatment. It is an innovative alternative to the traditional pedicure combines a wooden barrel with a steam generator to create a sauna that will open pores, eliminate dead cells, soften skin.

BIAB Gel manicure in shades of brown

BIAB GEL Manicure

50% less HEMA there’s NO heat spikes! Designed to keep natural nails strong Long-lasting results with 4+ weeks of wear — no chipping or lifting Can be infilled or soaked off Includes 2-in-1 Base Coat and Primer — no need for extra products.

Kids Spa Manicure

KIDS SPA Manicure

Kids can take advantage of the Kids SPA manicure, which includes nails being trimmed/filed/shaped, a hand massage, and of course polish.

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